Lighter Bites

Shakespeare and Sons/ Fine Bagels –
It’s a book shop with a bagel shop inside. They have a few vegan options which are clearly labelled which you can have on you choice of vegan bagel.

Banh Mi Stable –
They sell two things – a pork banh bi and a herby tofu banh mi. It’s cheap, simple and delicious! We went pretty much every day.

Tofu Tusses –
Markt Halle Neun is home to lots of different stalls. We go there for Tofu Tusses who simply do a vegan burger but it’s a damn good burger that’s totally worth hunting out.

Tutti Zossener Str. 17, 10961 Berlin
Sudanese restauraunt serving mezze plates and wraps.

Big Meals

100% raw vegan food done really really well. We always go for their taster plate so we can try a little bit of everything but think raw pizza, burgers, wraps, summer rolls, soup… your not just going to get a dead salad, your going to get some amazing food. This is our favourite Berlin restaurant.

100% vegan burgers and traditional German food, cocktails, cakes and pretty much a little bit of everything. Their food is amazing and while Rawtastic is our favourite place to go as its healthy and makes us feel fantastic… this is a very VERY close second.

Sfizy Veg
100% vegan pizza place. Bit of a pain in the arse to get to if your not already in the area but they do pretty damn good pizza

The Bowl
100% plant based kitchen serving healthy and delicious raw and cooked food.

Vego Food World –
Burgers and traditional German food. Good portions for a great price.

Yoyo Food World
Exactly the same as vego food world, burgers etc.. large portions, cheap prices.


Something Sweet

Brammibal’s Doughnuts
100% vegan cafe selling fresh do doughnuts made daily as well as savoury brunch options like cheese toasties and breakfast plates

Goodies –
They have both standalone stores and a cafe downstairs in Veganz. Think sandwiches, cakes, pastries and lots of tea/coffee options.

Duo –
A Sicilian ice cream/gelato shop with clearly labelled vegan options and the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had.