About Me


Hi, My name is Ivy (@umeko_chan) and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my husband Leo and our cat Jiji.

I’m a food enthusiast, I cook at home from scratch every day but also enjoy eating out (support your local vegan places) and shopping for new and interesting ingredients to experiment with. I love to travel and want to see the world and experience all the
different vegan flavours there are along the way.

You’ll see videos for recipes and places we’ve traveled to over on my YouTube channel.

I’m slowly embracing minimalism which is interesting when you live with a maximalist so this will be an ongoing theme here on my blog. Last but not least I’m an enthusiastic mature when it comes to yoga so you’ll occasionally see bits of that too.

All funding for my content comes out of my own pocket. I don’t get a penny from advertising, YouTube or anywhere else. While I’m not in this for the money (never have been and never will be) if you’ve enjoyed what I share or have a recipe you’d like me to video/post you can donate to my blog fund at paypal.me/ayearofveganeats or you can also find me on Patreon patreon.com/umeko_chan

You can also find me on