Unpacking ¦ What we brought back from London

We’re back from London and as we travelled by train it meant that we could bring some things back with us.

We’re not one’s for tourist trinkets or souvenirs but we still managed to bring a surprising amount back… but what is it? Watch and find out.


Night Train to London ¦ Packing with no restrictions

We’re off to London on the night train which means no bag restrictions, no liquid limits… we can pack anything and everything we want! I do however want to keep in mind that I have to carry whatever I take between arriving at 7am and checking in at 4pm and again between check out at…

5 Day Meal Prep ¦ Experimental Leftovers

We’re off to London for a few days next week which means I need to get all of the perishables out the fridge so they don’t got to waste while we’re away. This means I get to be a bit experimental with what I make this week. Breakfast as always is a bit of a…

£20 M&S Giftcard ¦ Vegan Food Haul

We were kindly given a £20 M&S giftcard so we went and spent it in their food hall. We’d never normally shop at M&S as its so expensive but it’s been nice to take a look at what vegan options they have… it’s surprising how much you get for £20 (not necessarily in a good way) but we’ve got some bits to keep us going a while and some inspiration for things we can make ourselves.

Mini Meal Prep ¦ 3 Days of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Normally I would do 5 days worth of prep and split it between Leo and I over our working weekend but we’ve got plenty in the freezer that needs using up first so it’s a mini 3 day meal prep this week for my meals… and something other than bananas for breakfast! Find me also…

Birthday Money ¦ How I avoid wasting it

How many times have you been given a cheque for your birthday and it’s ended up being spent on groceries or bills as life just gets in the way? I know I have on more than one occasion so I’ve changed the way I deal with birthday money so that it doesn’t get wasted. Instead…

Birthday Vlog ¦ Day out in Paris

We’re back from my birthday trip to Paris so I thought I would share a little bit of what we got up to on the day itself. I’m not huge on shopping so this is as close as you’ll get to seeing me splurge… everything still has to fit in my tiny little bag for…

Hand Luggage Only ¦ Minimalist Packing for Paris

We’re off to Paris for my birthday but that doesn’t mean I’ll be packing more than normal. As we’re not going for long I’m actually packing even less this time.

It’s all being out in my smallest Fjallraven Kanken and it only fills half of it. Still plenty of room to bring some French goodies back!

5 Day Meal Prep ¦ Quick, Easy, Minimal Clean Up

We’re off to Paris on Monday so I need to make sure everything is used up before we go and also want to keep things minimal on the mess front as we’ve got someone living with us. Simple right?

Unboxing ¦ Vegan Goodies From The Netherlands

I love a good vegan goodies swap, a couple of weeks ago my friend Mars and I organised one and here is the parcel she sent me. All these goodies have been sent from Gouda in The Netherlands. We visited Amsterdam recently so some of them are familiar but others are completely new to us…

5 Day Meal Prep Fail ¦ Using Up Leftovers

I’ve failed this week at meal planning properly and that has had a knock on effect on my meal prep for work this weekend. On top of that there have been mechanical malfunctions and general clumsiness on my part which has made this meal prep video a it of a struggle. However I wanted to…