Rawtastic, Berlin

I’ve been following rawtastic on Instagram for a while now as their food is just beautiful. It’s Berlin’s first raw vegan restaurant and they are putting a lot of effort into making some really amazing food.

As we’re in Berlin I’m not going to pass up the chance to go for my birthday dinner.

To start we shared the cheese platter.

On here we have a mixture of cashew and macadamia cheeses flavoured with red pepper, yellow pepper, smoke and plain cream cheese. They were all outstanding however my personal favourites were the red pepper which packed a lot of flavour and the smoked. I love anything smoked but this was amazing.

For the main I couldn’t decide on one thing so I went for their platter.

From the top left going clockwise we’ve got their power roll which comes with an orange and cashew sauce. Next to that is their beetroot and courgette zoodles in pesto, then there is their falafel with tahini. On the bottom is the mushroom burger, next to that their courgette and carrot soup and last but not least a slice of raw pizza.

Everything was just fantastic but the pizza and burger really stood out for me. With the pizza it was topped with a rich tomato sauce and cashew cheese which was just delicious. The burger was really moist which surprised me but wow did it pack a punch in flavour. I’d happily eat a full portion of both of them.

Last but definitely not least we couldn’t say no to dessert

This is their chocolate and hazelnut cake and it really hit the spot. It was so rich and creamy, I have no idea how they make it but it left me speechless.

If you find yourself in Berlin it’s worth a visit. They do breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner so there is lots of excuses to go.



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