Lunch and Dinner

Vegan French Cheese including Josephine (Camembert), Cendre (Goat) and Prairie (Boursin).

East Side Burgers
They make both vegetarian and vegan options so be sure to ask when it comes to cheese. They also do limited edition burgers for bands that are touring in the area and collaborations with other companies such as Jay&Joy.

Hank Vegan Burger
Hank also has a vegan pizza shop and after the burger its definitely on our list of places to visit next time. 100% vegan – you get your veggie patty, red onion, pickles, tomato, salad and vegan cheese as standard but then you can choose your sauce/extras on top.There are 5 options/combos in total but the 5th – The Tourist changes all the time. It was hummus when we were there.

A vegetarian/vegan bistro with a lunch deal option. Options change daily but when we were there everything was very… beige. It tasted lovely just needed more colour. We would definitely go back though.

Sweet Options

Vegan Folie’s
Billed as a passerine but more like a homey cake/sandwich shop. They have both savory and sweet options. Savory is filled rolls and a savory cake. Sweet is cheesecakes, fruit cakes, cookies and brownies.

Cloud cakes
100% vegan cake/tea/coffee shop. Open for breakfast, has croissants on the menu but they were crossed out when we got there. The toast, spread cheese and strawberry makes a great start to the day.

VG Patisserie
Looking for real French patisserie? This is it. 100% vegan and utterly incredible, somewhere you cannot miss while your in Paris