Finding vegan food both in supermarkets and at restaurants in Thailand is super easy.

First of all this logo is going to make things a lot easier –

Image result for vegan logo thailand

This is your Thai Vegan/Jay logo which means you know what your picking up is good to eat without having to try and figure out an ingredients list. It’s not on everything vegan, much like here in the UK some vegan food is labeled as vegetarian or not at all so this logo is a great starting point but there will be much more unlabeled food too.

This logo can also be seen outside restaurants like Suki Jeh Ru Yi, hazzah!

The other thing we found is that vegetarian food out there is vegan, there will occasionally be an egg involved but that tends to be pretty clear (like egg noodles or an actual egg) so you can just say ‘vegetarian – no egg’ and your covered.

We found Chiang Mai easier than Bangkok but to be honest either way your going to be tripping over places to go. A quick search on Happy Cow will show you just how vegan friendly Thailand is.


Our three restaurants of choice are Veganerie Concept, Suki Jeh Ru Yi and Number 1 Vegetarian.

Chiang Mai

We did a cooking course at May Kaidee which was vegan bar an egg that goes in the pad thai but they knew we were vegan so didn’t even put one on our table.

Restaurant wise we loved Ming Kwan, Free Bird and Pun Pun however on a Sunday you have to check out the walking market. There are so many vegan options you’ll not need dinner, you can just eat your way through the market.


Travel Notes

Tuk Tuk, Taxi or Uber?
When we got our tattoo done the tattooist asked us how much we paid for the tuk tuk and gave us some advice… look at Uber and this will give you the local rate. For example we wanted to go 2.1km and were quoted

Uber 80
Tuk tuk 150
Taxi 300

Now I’d much rather pay a little extra and use local people than a big company like uber however the price difference is nearly double for a tuk tuk and nearly four times as much for a taxi. As much as I would rather go direct to local people I also don’t want to be taken advantage of for being a tourist. Just something to be aware of.

Trains –
You can pre-book e-tickets directly from the State Railway of Thailand via their website. There are companies that offer an online booking service which is either several hundred baht more expensive plus delivery fees or involve filling in forms, waiting 48 hours for a response, then sending payment and then getting the tickets confirmed.

Its quick, easy, you can choose your seats, you can print your tickets right away… its a lot less stress so if you want to be organised in advance (organisation makes me very happy) book your travel in advance here.


As always I used Get £15 cash back on your first booking using by cooking through this link.