London Food Tour June 2018

Kin Cafe –
Perfect for breakfast if your arriving in London really early. It’s not far from Euston, close to Oxford Circus but in a more peaceful part of town too.

Crosstown Donuts –
The more natural side of the doughnut offerings. Here you’ll find fresh flavours like lemon and thyme.

Doughnut Time –
These are the guys that don’t shy away from sugar, more sugar and even more sugar. Here you’ll get flavours like Party Rings.

Gabby’s Peckham – I could only find them on zomato
In my opinion the best pattys in Peckham.

Norman’s Coach and Horses –
The first vegetarian and vegan pub in London. Their signature dish is ‘Tofish and Chips’ but everything we’ve had there has been delicious.

Planet Organic –
They are basically a posh supermarket. It’s not all healthy, it’s not all vegan or vegetarian as they sell meat and I don’t even think it’s all organic BUT they do have some nice stuff. It’s going to be over priced tho.

The Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker –
A wee pub out by Angel who has a 100% vegan food menu. We went twice as it was so good.

Young Vegans –
These guys are part of the ever increasing vegan food p[laces in Camden market. They do a pretty big selection of pies and sides which you can mix and match. The small deal is 1 pie and 2 small sides for £8 which is a total bargain.

OSU Coconuts –
Coconut based (as the name suggests) gluten free pancakes with fresh fruit toppings and home made sauces, plus the guy running it is a really lovely guy. Camden during the week, Brick Lane at the weekends.

Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner –
Another place in Camden Market, it does what it says on the tin – diner food. Leo had the hot wings but there was also an epic looking reuben that we need to try next time.

Snowflake Gelato –
This is the place you keep seeing online with the avocado gelato. It’s expensive, its delicious, it’s worth trying once but it’s also a gimmick.

Yorika –
Yorika are an allergen free ice cream shop so you wont find gluten, nuts, milk or eggs in anything. They do ice cream, fro-yo, waffles, pancakes… the list goes on.

Bi Bim Bap –
Korean Bi Bim Bap in various different ways. They have three vegan options and they all come in a screaming hot stone bowl so you can get that nice crispy rice bit on the bottom.


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