Kimchi Mac ‘N’ Cheese ¦ Vegan, Oil Free, Low Fat

A few weeks back I made a bumper lot of kimchi, you can see the video here

Today I’ve used it alongside my fat free mixed veg pasta sauce to make kimchi mac ‘n’ cheese. While in the video I only made one this recipe ended up making two big dishes so enough to feed eight people! We ate one with Leo’s parents and the other pan is in the freezer ready for when we come back from holiday and need something quick and delicious to eat.

So let’s get to the ingredients –

2 cups of frozen mixed veg defrosted
1 spring onion
½ cup of cashew nuts
½ cup of nutritional yeast save some for the top!
½ cup of kimchi
1 cup of soy milk
2 tbsp sesame seeds
500g dried macaroni


1. Cook your pasta however you like it or according to the directions on the packet. While your doing that pre heat your oven to 200c
2. Put your mixed veg, spring onion, cashews, nutritional yeast, kimchi and soy milk in a blender and blend until smooth.
3. Choose your baking pan and layer it with sauce – pasta – kimchi – sauce – pasta – kimchi until you reach the top. At the top smooth everything out so the pasta is covered in sauce. Top with some sesame seeds and a bit more nutritional yeast. You can add grated cheeze here if you want or extra spring onions… go with what you feel.
4. Bake for 15 minutes, leave to cool for 5 and then serve. Here we’ve had it with salad, pickled radish and some roasted courgette, onion and tomato.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!


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