Cupboard Clear Out – Banana Blossoms 

Back in January we were out for dinner for our anniversary and the lady next to us turned round and handed us this

She had bought a deck of these cards with her son and was working her way through them. Would we like to play? Sure! It’s and excuse to try something new so let do this.

That week I excitedly wandered round the Asian supermarket looking for something new to try while I stocked up on everything else I needed and I decided to get banana blossoms. I’ve seen them a few times in the supermarket, I’ve always wondered what they are like or even what to do with them… now I’ve got the perfect excuse to get them.

That tin has sat in my cupboard ever since.

As I’ve been clearing things out I figured now was the time to finally open them and give it a go.

It’s really hot at work so I like to take something fresh and relitively light for my dinners but filling at the same time. I decided this week was the perfect time to attempt a vegan Niçoise salad.

Traditionally it’s made up of tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, Niçoise olives, anchovies, and dressed with olive oil. Most of that is pretty straight forward it’s just the eggs and fish to substitute.

Eggs are easy – tofu scrable. Done.

Fish is also pretty easy, just use seaweed but you also need something for texture. I didn’t have time to cook dried chickpeas and was thinking of using jackfruit when I remembered I had banana blossoms in the cupboard. I’d seen a recipe for banana blossom fried ‘fish’ so opened the tin and gave it a go.

The final mix for my salad was –

1/2 cup chopped banana blossoms
1/4 cup soaked and finely chopped wakame seaweed
2tbsp finely chopped red onion
1/2 tsp light soy sauce

I get some grief at work about the weird stuff I eat but when this was tasted they couldn’t believe how much like fish it tasted.

So that’s one less thing in the cupboard that needs using up… but also something that I would get again.

I’ve got half a tin of banana blossoms left… what would you use them for? 


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  1. I had a banana blossom salad in Chiang Mai. It was shredded banana blossom in a creamy peanut sauce, plus other veggies. It was really good!


    1. Ohhhh that sounds nice. I’m going to have to get more as they are so good! So much for making space haha


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