Battle of the Milkshakes 

First there was the Glasgow vegan burger battle now for the milkshakes.

I’m a milkshake fiend. I dunno what it is about them, I can just inhale them… but… they have to be good milkshakes.

So let’s begin with the first place I tried Steak Cattle and Roll – 

Seeing pictures of their milkshakes is what made me visit them in the first place. I’ve been a few times but I’ve only recently tried their food as I’d just go straight for the shake. Anyway..

What do you get? They have three options,

1. A simple single flavour shake (chocolate, vanilla etc) with the option to add extra peanut butter or coffee for an extra 50p. They come topped with cream and with sauce drizzled on the inside of the glass.

2. Pimped out shakes with added extras like biscoff, banana chips, maple etc.

3. Boozy shakes.

Price? £4.50/£5.50/£7.50

What do they taste like? I normally go for the basic chocolate shake with a shot of peanut butter. They have a good flavour to them, and I like the option to add in peanut butter for a little bit extra. It’s not a vanilla shake with a little sauce, if you order chocolate it’s chocolate you get and they don’t skimp on the toppings either regardless of which option you go for.

Next up The Flying Duck 


What do you get? They have 5 milkshakes on the menu

1.  Vanilla, banana or chocolate.

2. Vodka, Kailua, whipped cream and chocolate powder

3. Canadian club, maple syrup and whipped cream

4. Frangelico, espresso and chocolate powder

5. Amaretto, chocolate liquor, Oreos and whipped cream.

Price? £4 / £6 / £7

What do they taste like? It’s ok, I went for the plain chocolate shake and it did what it said on the tin. It didn’t last long though as it comes in a pretty small glass really with milkshake and no more. No toppings, no decorative touches, no cream, just a tall but deceptively thin glass of milkshake.

Last but not least Pizza Punks 

What do you get? There is one vegan option on the menu – the brownie freakshake.

Price? £6

What does it taste like? First of all you’ve got to get your head around how to even eat this thing. It’s insane but in the best possible way.

It’s vanilla ice cream blended with brownie so it’s pretty damn thick. I’ve got to say this one beat me as it was so thick. I took the brownie off the top and had it for dessert the next day along with the remaining milkshake I couldn’t finish.

It was nice, I thoroughly enjoyed it but it could of been a more flavourful. Your ultimately looking at a brownie blended in milk. If theybused chocolate ice cream instead it would be more chocolaty but then again maybe that would just be too much.

So who’s the winner? 

Once again it’s got to be Steak Cattle and Roll.

The flying duck’s basic shake is £4 for an extra 50p you might as well get all the added extras on top and a larger portion.

While the pizza punks one was good it’s too hard to eat and it’s just so gloopy. I’m glad I tried it but every time it’s got to be the whole deal of milkshake, cream, sauce… the whole shabang.


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