Battle of the Burger Deals

I’m currently hanging out in Glasgow and there are two places here that do a cheap vegan burger lunch deal. But. Which one is best?

Up first (as it’s the first one I visited) Bloc+

What do you get? A veggie burger with relish and a side of fries. You have to ask for it to be made vegan which means you miss out on slaw, mayonnaise and for some weird reason pickles.

Price? £3

Availability – Tuesday only

What does it taste like? Your average veggie burger. It’s kinda bland as it’s just a burger, some relish and a bun. But. You have your BBQ and tomato sauce on the side so you can jazz it up a little bit. Pickles would really help but I have no idea why they got taken off too.

Option 2 Steak Cattle and Roll

What do you get? A veggie burger with vegan cheese, tomato, lettuce, vegan mayonnaise and onion with a side of fries, corn on the cob and a vinegar based slaw.

Price? £4.50. The website says £3.50 but that’s out of date.

Availability – 7 days a week on their lunch menu.

What does it taste like? It’s a very soft burger patty but the melted cheese on top helps keep it together. The crunchy salad, a good amount of sauce and all the sides though make it a complete meal for me.

So… which one is the best? Personally for an extra £1.50, all the extra bits you get and the option to have it any day of the week my winner is Steak Cattle and Roll.

I like that when you ask for it to be vegan they don’t just take things off, and give you what’s left. Yea £3 for the Bloc+ burger is a steal but it’s still annoying to miss out on things when they are so easy to veganise (even more so when they have such amazing vegan things in their full menu).

Plus. Steak Cattle and Roll do insane milkshakes so you know… that’s another reason to choose them.

Find them at 321 Sauchiehall Street & 17 Bell Street Glasgow. 


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