July Round Up

How is this year going so quick? It seems like yesterday I was writing my June round up yet here we are in August. Let’s see how this last month has been…

Intention 1 – Improve my physical health.

My home yoga practice has started up again and I’m feeling a lot better for it. I can definitely tell I’ve had a long break from it as I’m a lot stiffer and some old aches and pains have returned. This week I’ve been tattooed though so I’m being extra gentle with myself but as soon as that’s healed I’ll be back at it every morning.

Speaking of tattoos it also means I can’t go swimming until its healed… not that I’ve been swimming in a fair while but sod’s law dictates that as soon as I cant do something it’s all I want to do. However. By the time it’s all healed up the kids will be back at school, the pool will be blissfully quiet again and I can swim to my hearts content.

Last but not least I’ve been walking a lot more. This is mainly due to Edinburgh being full of tourists. As there are several hotels between me and work it makes the bus journey a nightmare. Walking is a lot less stressful, it saves me money and it improves my cardio. Win Win!

Intention 2 -Have a healthier diet.

I’ve made a few changes at home. I don’t buy dairy free margarine anymore, if it’s there then I’ll eat it if it’s not then I don’t miss it. I skip the oil in cooking unless it really needs it, for example when I make a curry I put everything in a pan together and just slow cook it to get the flavour out instead of frying.

I’ve developed the will power (which has taken me a LONG time to do) to not buy crisps and snacks when I’m at the supermarket. While I might have a craving for them when I’m back at home I don’t have any to hand. What I don’t have I can’t eat and instead I pick healthier options. This then transfers over to when I’m at work so I have something healthier instead of cake or gelato.

My favourite work snack at the moment. Lightly salted peanuts and banana.

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I still have days when I’m less healthy such as the two days I spent eating my way round Glasgow but I’m trying to make those days less frequent and focus more on unprocessed whole foods instead.

Intention 3 – Explore more.


While Glasgow is just next door to us here in Edinburgh I very rarely go and even when I do it’s to see a band so I get in late, see the show and then leave before the last train. I’ve been for a couple of food days before with Lisa which showed me more of the city and these last two days have shown me even more.

Next week I’ll be over there for 4 whole days so I’ll get to explore even more!


Intention 4 – Be mindful.

Given everything that happened last month July has been spent getting back to my normal happy self. Being mindful of myself, how I can improve things, how I react to things, what would help, what I need and generally shifting my focus inwards so that I can be more positive. It sounds cheesy and overdone but it’s working. I’ve been really stressed at work recently because of everything else that’s been going on in the background but last night I found myself whistling to myself instead of letting external bad moods seep in and effect me. I’m back to being the happy hippy dippy vegan in the shop… and you know what? I’m cool with that.

Image result for happiness quotes

How has your July been?


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