Glasgow Food Tour… Again

After having an awesome time going round Glasgow eating lots of lovely vegan food I went back again a week later to do it all over again… and so I could try even more places.

So… Breakfast. This time it was at Rose and Grants  –

Another morning roll but this one was filled with vegan square sausage, garlic mushrooms and sriracha mayo. The roll was so good, everything is improved with hot sauce and mayonnaise. The sausage was tasty, not as good as the one you get here in Edinburgh at BBL as it’s twice as thick and has a bit more flavour but it’s still really damn good. On the side some super posh Fortum and Maison breakfast tea and soy milk.

Next up some lunch at Bloc +

Tuesdays they have a £3 burger deal. You get a burger with relish, pickles and mayo, fries and coleslaw. The veggie burger deal can be vegan however it means you get a burger with relish… no pickles for some weird reason… and fries. You get ketchup and BBQ sauce on the side so you can pimp out your burger in other ways but let’s face it for £3 you can’t really complain. Their full price £9 burgers come with a lot more so you pay for what you get. Would like to come back again and try one of their hot dogs as I’m a huge hot dog fan.

For dessert we popped into Stereo. I’ve only ever been here for dessert… I really should go for lunch or something one day. This time their dessert of the day was a pistachio and raspberry cake with vanilla ice cream. I didn’t get a picture as we just scoffed it between us but damn it was good. I’m not a fan of vanilla ice cream so left that on the side but the cake… oh man it was a pistachio cake topped with raspberry jam. It was so moist and the balance of the tow was just perfect. Stereo… you never let me down on desserts.

No snacks in the middle this time, straight onto dinner at Pizza Punks –

So this place has been bigged up a lot and for all the right reasons. So get this… £10 create your own pizza.

  • Pick your base – includes gluten free
  • Pick your sauce – red, white or BBQ
  • Pick your cheese – yep there is a vegan cheese option
  • Pick your toppings… unlimited toppings! Including lots of vegetables and vegetarian haggis for the veggies but also meat options so it has something for everyone.
  • Pick even more toppings for after its been cooked like rocket and spinach.

This one was topped with pumpkin, spring onion, sweetcorn, peppers, artichoke, broccoli and vegan cheese then after it was cooked some spinach and rocket to finish. It was pretty damn epic.

While I didn’t have time for a milkshake at the time we took a it more of a walk and ended up at The Flying Duck. While I think Steak Cattle and Roll do the best vegan milkshakes I thought I would give theirs a go.


So it was ok… there was nothing wrong with it other than it being a wee bit small. The glass is super thin so it looks bigger than it actually was. It just didn’t have all the extra bits Steak Cattle and Roll have like cream on top, sauce on the inside of the glass and options to add things like peanut butter or coffee shots.

Another food day in Glasgow down and guess what… I’ll be back again next week for four whole days! Where else should I try?


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  1. Stereo is good for lunch. When tomatoes are in season, they have a TLT (tempeh) sandwich on the menu and it’s delicious. (Off season they have a carmelised onion sandwich instead. also good!) Soups are excellent too! 🙂


    1. Tempeh is one of the few things I just don’t like. They had a tempeh Reuben on the menu when we went for dessert. Came home and made jackfruit ones instead hhaa

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’d pick jackfruit over tempeh too! 🙂


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