Food tour of Glasgow

Last week I went over to Glasgow for the day to check out some vegan food joints with my friend Mitch who’s just moved over there.

To start the day… breakfast!

Before she left for Spain my friend Lisa could not recommend Picnic enough, today I finally got there to see it in all its glory myself. Now since going vegan I’ve not missed meat and I’ve got past the novelty of fake meat. However. I saw a BLT on their menu and much to my surprise I just had to have it. It’s a seeded bun with mayo, lettuce, fresh tomato and seitan bacon. It was nice and all but putting the side salad of rocket and sundried tomatoes made it next level.

Where to go next… a snack maybe


My husband had been to Glasgow with a friend and had reported back that Bread Meats Bread now did vegan poutine. We’re trying to pace ourselves at this point so we split a portion between two of us.

I wasn’t too keen on the mushroom gravy, its more like a strong mushroom sauce than a gravy and you can see how bitty it is. The cheese was pretty good and somehow they manage to keep the chips super crispy despite being drowned in liquid. They also do kimchi fries so I’m just gonna have to come back and try some more of their stuff.

From here we needed a bit of a break so went to Tchai Ovna for some tea and also to walk off the food. Refreshed from that we went on for another snack at Hanoi Bike Shop.


The first time I visited I had the tofu Bánh Mì (above pic) and it was amazing. It was stuffed with pickled veg, soy mayo, crispy BBQ tofu and coriander in a crispy bread roll. This time though it was a sad looking sandwich with nowhere near as much filling and a chewy roll which had been toasted a bit too much on the inside that it was bordering on burnt. Maybe they were having an off day… it’s by no means put me off though as I saw some people having their hot pot and I definitely want to give that a go.

Onwards to Dinner

Since finding kimchi cult on Instagram I’ve been gagging to go. My spice tolerance has increased so much now that I’m fully addicted to proper spicy kimchi… this however nearly beat me. First of all after eating all day I couldn’t finish it because I was stuffed, secondly the amount of hot sauce in there made it almost too spicy to eat. It didn’t got to waste though, I took the leftovers home and made them into rice cakes for Leo and I the next day.

OK so by now I’ve eaten far too much to eat anything else… so we turned to liquids for dessert. Steak Cattle and Roll do epic vegan milkshakes, We’re talking chocolate sauce, cream on top, pure decadence. I’m a huge fan of milkshakes and these are my favorite by far… which is my I don’t have a picture as I chugged it before I even thought about it. It just means I’ll have to go again to get a good picture of it.

So that’s it… a day out in Glasgow eating far too much food. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I did it all over again this week. Life is just hard like that sometimes.


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