June Round-Up

OK so before I begin June was more than a little stressful so let me add this little preamble before I get stuck into my intentions as I’ll just keep coming back to this.

As I’ve mentioned previously we had a friend living with us for 3 months. Those 3 months were up the last full week of June. Despite having three months to plan the move packing didn’t begin until the week before moving day and nothing was confirmed until the day before which caused me a lot of worry and anxiety as were in Berlin on holiday while all this was going on and moving day was the day after we got back.

So… we got back, packing wasn’t complete, the van was arriving at 9… no 6… no 5… I’m a stickler for organisation and I don’t expect everyone to be as organised as me but this was chaos. Fast forward to moving day and some stuff hasn’t been packed yet, loads of stuff is left behind and there is a promise of ‘I’ll see you next week to sort the rest out’. So trying to help out I begin packing up everything that’s left, half empty dry foods, mostly empty shower gel bottles, unwashed dishes… the more and more we find the more we see it’s basically rubbish, so instead of binning it, it’s just been left behind. Then we get to the room our friend was staying in, it’s been left in a shit state (literally… there was cat shit smeared across the floor).

Understandably we were both angry and upset about this. This is a friend who was family to us, someone who we wanted to help by taking in but we still wanted to be adults about it and resolve this civilly. Sadly we didn’t get the chance, our friend decided instead to cut all ties with us, block any means of communication and leave us to sort everything out.

… So that’s it. Now you’ve got the background let’s get onto how I’ve been doing with my intentions for the year.

Intention 1 – Improve my physical health.

My home yoga practice completely ground to a halt in June. With the worry and stress all I’ve wanted to do is camp out in front of the TV. This has not only been from an emotional point of view but from the physical effects there have been from what’s happened. Turns out my body doesn’t react well to weeks and weeks of stress. 

The spare room was going to become a yoga room after it was vacated but that’s taken a lot of cleaning to get back to normal. I’m working on putting it together now though and being stationary isn’t making me feel good so I’m working hard to drag myself out of the negativity so I can get back to feeling bendy and amazing.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, while we were in Berlin we were averaging 10 miles a day on my FitBit! Which is insane, it didn’t even feel like we were walking that much. As much as I’ve tried to keep it up though these Edinburgh hills kill me and they are EVERYWHERE!

The kids are off school now and tourists are everywhere which means the buses are a nightmare so I’ll be walking to work for the foreseeable future.

Intention 2 -Have a healthier diet.

While we were away I had every intention to be super healthy but the draw of curry wurst was just too strong. I wasn’t as bad as I have been previously, we still ate lots of fruit and veg but we also ate lots of doughnuts.

The first place we visited though was our favorite Berlin restaurant Rawtastic. This has inspired me to once again dust off the dehydrator and make some raw meals for us. Eating healthier has really been helping lift my mood, combined with exercise I’m going to be back to my normal happy self super quick!

Intention 3 – Explore more.

Berlin! This was our third visit and we went to celebrate 2 whole years of being married and 6 years of me living in Scotland. I can’t believe time has going so quickly.


I’ll post more about Berlin as I can’t sum it up quickly here but despite being our third visit we only visited one or two old places, everything else was new to us.

Intention 4 – Be mindful.

This has been really really difficult because of whats happened. I put a lot of time and effort into being mindful of other people only to have it completely thrown back in my face. It’s been hard to deal with someone so close doing this to us and even though a few weeks have passed continues to have nothing to do with us instead of trying to put things right. It’s something that will take a while to get my head around however ultimately I cannot control their behavior and how they choose to react to this situation, I can only control how I deal with it and how I let it affect me.


It’s not going to stop me from letting people in, we have two more people coming to stay with us so we’ve definitely not been put off in that sense.

This month I’ll be focusing more on how to get myself back on track, eating mindfully to give myself the best chance, making sure I exercise to feel better and basically being mindful to catch myself when things are getting to me so that I can break the downward spiral and turn it into something positive.

How has your June been?


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