Operation cupboard clear out – ugly but honourable mentions 

When your trying to use things up the combinations can sometimes be a bit of a mess but are still delicious when you get past the look of it. So here are the ugly but honourable mentions from our cupboard clear out so far – 

When I made the spicy sweet potato salad there was the leftover poaching juice. I soaked a couple of soy steaks in it, cooked them with some mixed grains, onion, peppers and sweet corn and this was the outcome. 

Next up some summer rolls which I overstuffed and they fell apart. I was more than happy to eat them with a spoon though as they still tasted good! These were filled with kimchi tofu, sweetcorn, peppers and topped with moong dal sprouts

Risotto number 1 – wild mushroom and spinach. Let’s face it… it’s a plate of grey brown rice. It doesn’t look that tasty but I promise you it was delicious! 

Risotto number 2 – Tomato, courgette, onion, spinach and chilli. Again it looks kinda mushy but it really does taste good! I have risotto down on my list of videos to make so keep an eye out for that if your interested. 

Last but not least another salad. This was lettuce, mixed grains, spice roasted mixed veg, green chilli tofu strips and tahini dressing. 

I’m still working through the cupboards but things are getting a lot clearer and when we’re back from our holiday next week I’ll crack open the next cupboard to organise. 


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