May Round-Up

At the beginning of 2017 I set some intentions for the year ahead so what’s happened with that throughout May?

Intention 1 – Improve my physical health.

My home yoga practice is still suffering as we’ve just not got the space at home but I’ve been outside a few times instead. The nice weather has been really helping on that front. It’s also helped with walking instead of taking the bus… now we just need the good weather to continue.


We’re still counting down to our spare room being free again, I’ve lots of plans for that room and they are all exercise/health based!

Intention 2 -Have a healthier diet.

I’ve cut right back on eating gelato and cakes at work. This is partly because I’ve started to reach saturation point with being surrounded by sweet things all day and also because it’s so uncomfortably hot in there I just don’t want to eat. It also means that because I’ve cut right back on sweet foods I’m eating hardly any sugar. Now when I treat myself I can feel the sugar right away and it makes me feel terrible…. I just need to remember this every time I decide to treat myself!

Instead of a big dinner or eating junk at work I’ve bought a smoothie maker to keep at work and I now make myself a big smoothie for dinner. Now it’s hotter it’s keeping me full and I don’t pick at food when I get home.

smoothie 2

Intention 3 – Explore more.

This month  went to London with my friend Lisa. You can see all about our adventures here.

While I was taking her to London to show her round having someone new to explore with means you see things you otherwise miss. We go to London quite a bit and I used to live a short train journey outside London so I like to think I know certain bits of it quite well. Having a fresh set of eyes and wanting to do more than our usual routes meant that we found new places that I’ve otherwise walked past and missed out on.

It’s only been in the past year that I’ve started traveling with friends instead of just the two of us and it’s been great to see more of places through other people’s eyes.

Intention 4 – Be mindful.

I’ve fallen out of the habit of Monk Morning’s and I can tell that it’s had a detrimental effect on me. It feels like an excuse for everything but having an extra person in the house makes it difficult at times. Along side being a yoga, exercise and reading room the spare room will also be somewhere quiet to spend my mornings like I did before.

So my mindful observations this month have again revolved around other people and their lack of mindfulness when it comes to those around them. I try to be a good person and a nice person but it seems to go unnoticed and unappreciated a lot of the time. It seems to make people think I’m a doormat that can be used and abused to their advantage.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t do things for praise or to get something back in return but a simple thank you goes a long way and just because someone is nice it doesn’t mean that they should be bled for all their worth.

It’s a hard one… being mindful of other people, to try and be a fair and kind person but at the same time not be taken advantage of. It’s something I still need to ponder.

The other way I’ve been mindful this month is by having a clear out and de-cluttering my kitchen. This has been brilliant for my food hoarding ways as I now don’t want to clutter everything up again. I’m now a lot more mindful with my purchases which means no waste (not that there is much to begin with), no cupboards stuffed full of needless food and no needlessly spent money.

This is continuing on through June as I’m only 3 cupboards down right now and still working through the excess but it’s definitely getting there!

How has your May been?


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  1. I can’t believe London was three weeks ago!! It seems just like last week to me 😝


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