Sprout your own 

When we were in Barcelona two years ago, all the salads we ate were topped with sprouts. They are rediculously expensive to buy but oh so easy to do yourself. It just takes pre planning and time. 

I’m using the moong dal I’m clearing out to make my own. They are £1 a bag from my local middleastern supermarket and once sprouted they go a long way. 

Now if you go to your local health food shop you can get some really fancy sprouting kits but in reality all you need is a jar and some water. 

Day 1 – Take 2tbsp of moong dal, cover with plenty of water and leave to soak for 24 hours 

Day 2 – You can see already how much they have puffed up and if you look really closely you can already see little white sprouts. Simply drain the water, rinse the dal and put them back in the jar. Cover with a paper or cheese cloth lid so they get some air and leave for another 24 hours. 

Day 3 – It’s been beautiful weather here so the sprouts are really going for it. You can already see their white spouts poking out. 

Once again wash, drain and pop back in the jar for another 24h 

Day 4 – at this point I’d happily start eating them. They have outgrown their jar so while I’ll start using them I’m also going to continue the washing them every morning and leaving them to grow more. This does however call for a bigger jar now 

Day 5 – They are really going crazy! I’ve started putting them in our salad wraps for lunch and they are delicious! I’ve also continued washing them in the morning and putting them back on the windowsill. They have almost outgrown the bigger jar in just 24 hours. 

Day 6 – Dispite taking almost a handful out yesterday the jar is full again this morning. My plan is to leave them one more day and then marinate the leftovers in soy sauce for Bi Bim Bap. Then the cycle starts again with a fresh batch. 

So it’s as easy as that. All you need is something to sprout, a jar, some water and somewhere sunny to put it. 


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