Spicy Sweet Potato Salad 

My first way to use up some grains is in a salad.

I’ve simmered 2tbsp each of pearl barley, spelt and rye in plain water then covered and left it to steam until tender.

To go with it I’ve boiled some sweet potato, carrot, red pepper and tomato in stock with a teaspoon of my favourite chana masala mix. Normally I would add in it better to thicken the sauce but this time I’ve left it very runny so I can drain out the veg and use the sauce for other things. Here I’ve mixed a couple of tablespoons into 1/4 cup of cashew sauce for a salad dressing.
So bottom to top we’ve got shredded iceberg lettuce, hot mixed grains, the drained spicy veg and spicy cashew sauce. Quick, simple and so good Leo had two bowls of it.


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