Confessions of a food hoarder… part 2

While I’m clealring out cupboard one – lentils, pulses and grains I might as well start working on cupboard two – rice, noodles, pasta etc… 

Again its precariously piled high and I have a vague idea what’s in there but I’m sure some bits have been forgotten. 

So what actually is in this cupboard

  • Canaloni 
  • Lasagne 
  • Spaghetti 
  • Giant pasta shells 
  • 2x sushi rice
  • 2x Thai sticky rice 
  • Risotto rice
  • Rice paper
  • Noodles 
  • Gnocchi 

Summer is on it’s way so I’m looking forward to using them up making spring rolls. The noodles on the other hand I’m not a fan of but leo really likes them so that’s dinner while I’m at work sorted! 

Rice. Lots of rice. Leo loves Thai sticky rice which is why we have two. I’m a fan of sushi rice but I have no idea why we have two half eaten ones so I’ve combined them together into one big jar. There is also risotto rice which we’ve not used in ages. 

Big pasta shells! Leo really really wanted them but they’ve sat in the cupboard ever since. I’ll have to think of something interesting to do with them. The gnocchi I bought a while back with the idea of making a Hungarian pepper and paprika sauce with them.  That never happened but I’ve now got another plan for these to get them used up. 

The canaloni was bought to make a video and I’ve not touched it since but the rest I use quite often so I’m cool with them going back into the cupboard. 

Between the lentils, pulses and grains and this cupboard of goodies I’m going to be busy for a while. I love reading recipes and researching foods so it’s not really a chore sorting all this out, it’s really exciting! 


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