Sick comfort food. 

Last night was the first time I’ve been ill in a while… at least 20 months to be more precise. 

I say this because the foods I would always turn to when I was sick were fish finger sandwiches and mini chicken kievs. Obviously I’m not going to do that anymore so what do I reach for now? Turns out it’s a simple banana almond smoothie or a bowl of broccoli cashew soup. 

It’s moments like this when I look back over what I used to eat compared to what I eat now that I can see how much things have improved. Instead of turning to greasy processed foods for comfort I’m turning to nutritious fruit and vegetables. 

To begin with I don’t get sick very often since changing my diet but I now get better so much faster because of what I’m eating to recover. I wish I’d known this years ago! 

What do you turn to for comfort when your sick? 


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