Coconut Barfi

Barfi was yet another favourite of mine pre vegan but is something I haven’t looked out for an alternative for until now. Barfi is an Indian sweet made predominantly from condensed milk and sugar so you can see why I’ve avoided it.

This is my version that isn’t anywhere near as sweet but still gives you that dense fudgy treat.

Ingredients –
¼ cup of oat flour
¼ cup of ground cashews
1/3 cup of coconut flour
1tbsp of brown sugar (add more or less to taste)
½ cup of coconut milk

Method –
1. Toast your oat flour for a minute or two over a medium heat to give it a head start.
2. Add in your ground cashews and coconut flour and continue to toast until it’s turning golden and smelling all nutty and lovely.
3. Turn off the heat and add in your coconut milk and brown sugar. It will thicken quickly but just keep stirring until you have a nice smooth lump.
4. Line a dish with cling film and tip in your dough. Even it out and flatten so you have a nice uniform square of dough.
5. Cool and then refrigerate for 2 hours.
6. When its set and form cut into squares and enjoy.

I like mine with a cup of tea, how would you eat yours?



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