Vegan Mayonnaise

This is one of the first video’s I made. Pre-vegan I was a huge mayonnaise fan, now there are some great alternatives out there but they are all over priced, don’t taste quite right and are filled with some weird ingredients.

Here is one you can make at home with 5 ingredients. This can be whipped up in half the time it would take you to pop to the corner shop to buy some. It’s a basic recipe because you can tailor it to what your using it with. Since filming this I’ve tried rice wine vinegar, lemon juice, cider vinegar malt vinegar, maple syrup, golden syrup, brown sugar, olive oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil and every combination in between.

  • Vinegar is going to flavour your mayonnaise. Rice wine is very sharp, malt is OK if it’s all you’ve got but personally I prefer cider or lemon. Cider vinegar is great for every day mayo and lemon is nice if your wanting a citrus kick.
  • Sweetener wise it’s mainly about getting it properly combined. Golden syrup is too heavy and thick so it doesn’t combine properly, brown sugar works in a pinch but my preferred sweetener is maple syrup as it’s light enough to get properly combined.
  • Oil wise olive oil makes the mayonnaise way too rich but a half half mix with vegetable oil makes it rich but in a good way. Every day thought I use vegetable oil as its neutral in flavour, cheap and always to hand.

Anyway here’s the recipe, experiment away and see which combinations suit you best.

Ingredients –
50g of Soya Milk
70g of Oil
5g of Vinegar
5g of Liquid Sweetener
3g of Salt

Mix together in a blender until thickened and then refrigerate overnight to thicken fully.


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