April Round-Up

At the beginning of 2017 I set some intentions for the year ahead but has it actually worked and what has happened this last month?

Intention 1 – Improve my physical health.

My home yoga practice has been a bit hit and miss. As I mentioned last month the space we have in our flat is limited right now so it’s hard to really stretch out and have some proper practice space. I’ve been trying thought and have bought another Cody class by the wonderful Dana Flasetti. Its a basic class which can be done in the space we’ve got at the moment however (yep another catch) it relies on no one else being in the flat at the time as said space is in front of the TV, blocks the doorway and means I’m using the computer to stream the video all in one go.

We’re half way there now though and in 6 weeks (or so) we’ll have a whole room dedicated to yoga. I’m really excited about that.

Intention 2 -Have a healthier diet.

I’m doing much better at eating only when I’m hungry and I’m doing much better at not eating junk… except for the last couple of days.

I hate waste so when a waffle goes wrong at work I feel compelled to eat it. That combined with some special gelato that we don’t have very often means I’ve eaten more sugar in the last two days than I have in the whole month… and damn do I feel it. I feel heavy, achey, tired and just generally crap. I’m actively trying to reduce the amount of added sugar I eat so when I slip it really hits me how bad it makes me feel.

I’m back on the smoothies though and feel a lot better for having one of them every day. We’re still avoiding processed foods and tend to lean towards fruit, veg and grains but I still need to keep a check on things as I don;t want to slip into bad habits when time is short or when I’m feeling lazy.


Intention 3 – Explore more.

This month we visited Skye… and I found out just how car sick I get. It was an 8 hour journey there, 6 hours back and lots of driving in between. I spent a lot of my travel time trying to sleep through the sickness which meant i missed a lot of the scenery but the bits I did see were beautiful



We stayed at the northern tip of Skye in these little wooden wigwams. Inside they had a  kitchen, dining table, sofa, double bed and an en suite bathroom. So much stuff for such a small place!


The view was misty but beautiful and just outside our wigwam were fields of sheep and newborn lambs.

It’s been lovely to see more of Scotland but if teleportation could be invented so I don’t have to travel in a car that would be even better.

Intention 4 – Be mindful.


This month I’ve been trying out ‘Monk Morning‘ which was something I saw posted by The Minimalists. The idea is that you have no technology before midday. Now this works to a point but all my music is on my phone, my books are on my kindle, if I’m going to spend my time studying something that needs a computer etc etc etc.

Instead of being 100% technology free I’ve set myself a few rules.

  1. Only use my phone to play music, even then I sick to background music like Buddhist chanting.
  2. No checking emails, Facebook, Instagram etc…
  3. I will still reply to texts and messages as I have friends in different time zones so sometimes this is the only time I can speak to them.
  4. No TV. No PC.
  5. Use the time calm my mind and focus on the day ahead. I can then be as productive as possible with the time I have.

I have to admit it’s made a huge difference. Of course it’s going to make a difference when I’m spending my time wisely instead of wasting it on iPhone games or TV… that goes without saying. The main difference for me is I feel a lot more settled and content. Instead of starting my day in a rush and all over the place I’m calm, collected and organised.

How has your April been?


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  1. zankerschen says:

    All of this food looks so amazing!!!


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