Last week on Instagram

This time last week we were away in Skye for Leo’s birthday. It was an 8 hour journey there (with stops) and 6 hours back and about an hour into everything I found out just how car sick I get. Sadly I didn’t get to see all the beautiful scenery but I got so see some amazing views like this –

The wigwams we stayed at are right on the northern tip of Skye and right by a field of sheep.  While it was cold, windy and wet you can beat a beautiful view like this first thing in the morning.


While we were away Aaron and Michelle (who kindly drove us all the way there and back) gave us a big bag of oats. Now while I’m a fan of porridge which is why we had it in Skye with stewed apples BUT I get bored very easily with food. I’m trying to steer away from sugar and sweet things so tried something savoury with the oats instead. I’m a sucker for curry and spicy food so upma it was.

Now what the hell is upma? It’s a south Indian breakfast porridge dish traditionally made from dry roasted semolina or rice flour. It works bloody well with oats instead and was quickly hoovered down so I’ll make a YouTube video for it soon.

After we got back to Edinburgh the general queezyness and car sick feeling hung about for a couple of days so the most adventurous thing we did was take a walk to a local coffee shop for cinnamon and cardamom hot chocolate and a slice of spiced chocolate cake.

Other than that I’m working on the intentions I set at the beginning of the year and getting back into the habit of having smoothies for breakfast. I’ve been so bad at eating a proper breakfast or skipping it altogether. I feel so much better when I start the day with a big glass of fruit so I’m going to make an effort to have one for breakfast every day this week.

How’s your week been?


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