March Round-Up

At the beginning of 2017 I set some intentions for the year ahead but has it actually worked and what has happened? February was looking ok but what about March?

Intention 1 – Improve my physical health.
Yoga classes have sadly come to an end so it’s now entirely down to me to keep my practice going at home. This hasn’t been as easy as I’d like. There are now three of us living in our flat and two cats which makes things a little cramped so when I get time alone to practice it’s in such a small space I just want to get it over with so I’m not hemmed in on all sides. I’m still working hard at it though and don’t want to give up and I definitely feel the difference when I haven’t had a good stretch.

All in all its been one of those months where things have been put on hold for a bit but that’s the point of these monthly round ups, to catch myself falling into these ruts so I can pull myself out again.

We’re heading to Skye this weekend so there will be lots of walking and I’ll be taking my yoga mat with me so I have no excuse not to practice in the wide open space outdoors… unless it’s raining of course.

Intention 2 -Have a healthier diet.

After last month where I ended up eating junk that just made me feel ill I’ve been a lot better with things. I’m not the epitome of health 24/7 but I’m definitely eating a lot better than last month.

Interestingly our flatmate is omni and eats a lot of frozen crispy potato based products (as I lovingly call them) which I’m a huge sucker for. Day after day I’ve seen potato waffles, croquettes, smiles and shapes and while I would absolutely love to have them piled in a sandwich with spread and ketchup I have yet to crumble. I know if I were to eat that it would be bland, uninteresting and I’d feel rubbish afterwards. Why have that when I can have sandwich filled with flavorful and veg packed chana masala?

I’m also getting a lot better at only eating when I’m hungry and only eating until I’m satisfied rather than stuffed stupid. I have a terrible habit of eating for the sake of it or because this is the only time I’ve got to do it and eating everything so nothing goes to waste. It’s not always easy at work as I can’t always control when my break is but I’m making a conscious effort not to just eat for the sake of it.

Intention 3 – Explore more.
Another month without an adventure. Instead we had friends visit from the south to explore Edinburgh and another friend move in with us. That’s taken 3 our of the 5 weeks of March plus prep time so we just haven’t had time. April is different though, we’ve got a weekend in Skye this week and at the end of the month we’re cat sitting in Musselburgh. While its not a world away its not somewhere we’ve spent a lot of time and it will be somewhere new to explore for a couple of weeks.

Intention 4 – Be mindful.

I’ve never lived with anyone other than a significant other so having a flat mate is a totally new experience for me. I’m used to being able to do whatever I want whenever I want at home but now those actions effect someone else. I’m trying to be mindful of pretty much everything I do and so far it’s resulting in a much cleaner flat and more efficient use of spare time. Instead of sitting in front of the TV in my pants I’m using that time to study the philosophy behind yoga and catch up on all the books I’ve been meaning to read for ages. I have a lot of spare time and no excuse not to put it to good use.

How has your March been? 


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