Quick and Simple Vegan Pancakes

Pancake day may have come and gone but there is still plenty of excuses to whip up these super quick and easy pancakes for a weekend breakfast.

When I first went vegan, pancakes seemed like too much of a hassle. Oh how wrong I was, they are super quick and simple and we’ve been eating them for breakfast for the last few weeks to make up for lost time.

All you need to make them is
1tbsp ground flax + 3 tbsp of water
100ml soy milk
120g plain flour.

… thats it. If you want to add extras from here you could add 1 tsp of matcha, ½ tsp of vanilla, 1 tsp of chai spice mix or just plain old cinnamon. The options are endless!

To make them simply mix the flax and water and set aside while you heat your pan and get everything else together. Add in your soy milk (or milk of choice) and flour then whisk. It’s going to be pretty thick but add in some water until you have a batter the consistency of thick coconut milk.

Lightly oil your pan and cook away. Leave the pancakes until they are almost dry on top before flipping and you’ll be well away.

Here I’ve topped ours with smoked tofu, vegan spread and maple syup but ther are also some other ideas for you at the end of the video.

What is your favourite pancake topping? Savoury of sweet?


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