February Round-Up

At the beginning of 2017 I set some intentions for the year ahead but has it actually worked and what has happened? January was looking pretty good but what about February?

Intention 1 – Improve my physical health.
Yoga classes continue however I have also started to build up my home practice too. At the end of March the classes will come to an end so I need to get into the habit of continuing to practice what I’ve learned as well as continuing to learn more.

As the weather has got better… well sometimes it’s better, I’ve been walking to work and walking more in general.

So that’s flexibility and cardio but what about strength? After years of working in an office I have no strength in my arms and wrists so I’m going to start there with some yoga based strength exercises. There are nice and gentle but depressingly difficult for me right now but strength builds in layers and it will take time.

Intention 2 -Have a healthier diet.
This has been more hit than miss this month but there have been a couple of times that I’ve splurged on something and have almost instantly regretted it. Examples being I made a coconut crunch cake after visiting Lisa in Dundee and between me and Leo we ate the entire thing in one sitting. It wasn’t huge but it was a lot of sugar which I’m now not used to. After eating it I passed out asleep for 2 hours. The next day having not learned my lesson I sat and ate a whole tube of crisps. Again I felt sick and ended up sleeping it off for a couple of hours.

I find it incredible that cutting out cakes and crisps etc from my diet for a couple of months has had such an effect on me. I used to be able to eat sugar by the handful but now a couple of cookies later and It’s hitting my like a brick wall. It’s now just not worth it. I’d rather have half a mango for dessert than a cake as I just don’t want the horrible feeling that comes with it.

Intention 3 – Explore more.
Nothing happened in February which has been getting me down. Facebook gleefully keeps reminding me that in February we were in Japan, or Berlin or Paris… we’ve always been somewhere in February but not this year. We’ve stayed put. Instead we’ve been exploring a bit more of Edinburgh and making plans for the rest of the year.

Intention 4 – Be mindful.
This month I’ve shifted my focus to being mindful of myself. How do I react to things? What are my thoughts? What would I do if this were me? The result has been quite interesting and depressing at the same time. It’s highlighted how intolerant, negative, selfish and self centered some people can be. This doesn’t apply to everyone I know as these aren’t the kind of people I want to have around me but it truly saddens me that some of them are like this.

I’m aware that I’ve changed a lot as a person because of what I have learned from other people and the compassion they have shown. I aspire to be like them and regardless of how the world around me is I’ll continue to try my best to be a good person.

How has your February been? 


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