This week on Instagram


There have been a lot of treats this last week and I’ve well and truly stayed from my February Intentions BUT I recognise that and I’m making up for it in other ways and making sure I get back on track.

First of all I was reminiscing about visiting Vegan Nomad Chick in Dundee and finally getting to try the Flame Tree coconut crunch cake. Damn that stuff is good. I’ve got an obsession with coconut at the moment and this just hit the spot. I need to try and make my own for when I can’t be in Dundee but then again I’m trying to be good so probably best to leave it to the creators and have it as a treat.

Next up I’ve discovered exactly how easy vegan pancakes are to make which means we’ve been eating them a lot. Here I’ve made them with Bluebird Tea Co’s Lemon Matcha and topped them with banana and blueberries, then I finished off their Super Matcha I had left from them and topped it with coconut and banana. Luckily I got more in the post from them this week to make more. YouTube recipe video coming tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!

Yoga is still going well even though it doesn’t look like I’m doing much in this week’s picture but this was my wee relaxation at the end. No yoga next week so I’ll be practicing at home.

Last but not least we were in Glasgow this week so tried Steak Cattle and Roll for a milkshake and some onion rings. Look at them! They are the size of doughnuts! We’ll be back in Glasgow with some friends in a couple of weeks so will go back and try their vegan burgers. Well share one and see how we go.

How has your week been?



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