Throwback Thursday

In Kyoto we stumbled on a tiny tiny miso shop called Miso Pota who sold… you guessed it – Miso Pots.

This is miso with a difference though. Here was their Halloween soup which contained pumpkin and sweet potato. I had with with soy sauce rice crackers and a salad I made in our wee kitchen inspired by our trip to Organic and Vegetarian Cafe Atl.

It was pretty pricey for a single portion but it was really tasty. They have lots of vegan options as you can choose your miso, soup stock and toppings. I really wish I’d also tried tried their brilliant beet one now as it contains Barley Miso, Hatcho Miso Dried Japanese Radish Strips Broth, Beets, Sweet Potato and Goji Berry. How amazing does that sound

We eat a lot of soup at home and Leo likes to take soup to work so seeing their combination ideas has been fantastic.


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