This week on Instagram 

Well my smoothie game has vastly improved, as you can see by the range of colours in this weeks pics. On the whole things are getting a lot healthier with my diet which is fantastic as it’s helped me get over a cold in record time this week. I feel a lot better for it but on the downside when I have a ‘treat’ day like the waffle day for example I feel kinda rubbish afterwards. I guess I just need to decide what’s worth feeling rubbish for or if I should just have some fruit instead. 

I’m back to yoga tomorrow and the progress is really showing now! Doing this weekly pose pic is keeping me motivated and makes me want to keep pushing myself. 

Other than that I’m back at work after having the first two and a half weeks of the year off. I’m out of practice with my work dinners so need to get my mojo back in that front. 

How’s your week been? 


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  1. Mmm so many smoothies !

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    1. Never thought that would make me so happy haha!

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