January Round-Up

At the beginning of 2017 I set some intentions for the year ahead but has it actually worked and what has happened?

Intention 1 – Improve my physical health.
Before yoga classes started up again I was having fun with @yogaracheal’s 21 day foundations of yoga however after 4 days she stopped posting and shortly after deleted all traces of it from her Instagram which was disappointing.

I also had a go at the couch to 5k but step one was too much for me for a variety of reasons. I intend to keep working at it though as after just one attempt I could tell which muscles have been working harder than normal so it’s definitely a workout that I need.

On the plus side yoga classes are back which I really missed over the holidays, I’m also back at work which involves being on my feet rather than sat down all day and rather than having groceries delivered I’m getting them in person so that I have to walk there and back as well as carry everything home.

Intention 2 -Have a healthier diet.
Grocery shopping in person has really helped with this. I can only buy what I can carry which means I have to focus on what we really need like fruit and veg. As this will go off quickly it also means that I have to do a few trips a week which adds to improving my physical health.

I’ve never been a fruit person but it’s really growing on me to the point where I start every day with a smoothies and no longer have treats at work. When I first started I had so many vegan treats at my finger tips and I couldn’t resist having just a little something every time I was there. So far I’ve managed to abstain in favour of fruit or hummus and veg sticks. Long may this continue!

Intention 3 – Explore more.
It seems like forever ago now but we spent the first weekend in January in London with our friends Aaron and Mitch. We went to places we’ve been before due to new airport choices, bus replacement services and tube strikes and we ended up seeing some new places. We spent the day at Brick Lane, spent an evening in the Elephant and Castle area and finally visited Patty Island as our old favourite Bagel King doesn’t have vegan options. We introduced Aaron and Mitch to Perseopolis but never managed to get into the restaurant down the road that does vegan gallette as their opening times kept changing. Fingers crossed we catch them next time!

Intention 4 – Be mindful.
While I’ve been off work for the first 2.5 weeks of the year I’ve been having a clear out. I’ve cleared out 2/3 of my books to make way for a little space in our spare room where I can sit and read without the distraction of the TV. As soon as I walk in our living room the TV goes straight on and we just mindlessly watch rubbish on Youtube or Netflix. This way I have a space removed from temptation. I now spend my mornings sitting in there with a cup of tea, planning my day and reading.

I have a horrible habit of waking up and going straight for my phone so now I also leave my phone in my little spare room space so I can’t wake up and grab it straight away. Yes checking Facebook, Instagram, emails etc is still part of my morning routine but instead of repeatedly going back to them I check them once and then move on.

That’s a lot of positive changes! It’s not until you sit down and really think about it you see how much you’ve achieved.

How has your January been? 


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