Last week on Instagram

Last week on Instagram seems to have mainly been about smoothies. Working in a gelato shop is amazing and I love it there but being surrounded y the smell of freshly baked waffles and having vegan gelato on hand the whole time is not good for me.

One of my Intentions for 2017 is to have a healthier diet. If I can choose a smoothie over gelato, a cake or a waffle then that’s a step in the right direction. This was all kicked off with a coconut water, avocado, apple lime and mint smoothie from Filament Coffee. The only problem is I’m rubbish at making smoothies.

From my own experiments I made a persimmon, banana and green tea smoothie which tasted ok but looked like mud. Next up was apple, mint, cucumber, spinach and lime which looked like pond water and was pretty lumpy. Following some advice I strained it and made it into a juice which was infinitely better but still no closer to a decent smoothie.

New Years Day rolled round and we started with with garlic fried spinach and leek with tofu scramble, lemon cashew sauce and taty scones with a side of more smoothie. This time banana and peanut butter with maca. Yes it worked, yes it tasted great but to me it’s more a milkshake.

Finally this morning we had a winner. Beetroot and banana with a bit of maca from Aine Carlin’s The New Vegan book. Oh my god it was incredible both in colour and taste.

While I’ve still got a lot to learn when it comes to a successful smoothie at least my efforts are getting better with each and every try.

What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?


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  1. the beetroot, maca & banana from this morning was pretty sweet…

    previous faves included frozen raspberries & bananas (simple? yes… but it was pretty nifty!)

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