AIN SOPH ripple – Tokyo

So it turns out there is an all vegan burger shop at the end of the road we stay on in Shinjuku, Tokyo. While I was glad we found it I’m also glad we didn’t know it was there until now as it’s painfully expensive compared to everywhere else we’ve visited.

We decided to go for the cheese burger (with avocado) and a side of cheese fries to share –


The burger comes stuffed full so its pretty difficult to eat without getting it everywhere but to me that’s the sign of a good burger but then for ¥1150 on it’s own it would need to be, the cheesy fries on top of that will set you back ¥600 so for a burger and chips your looking at £13. Looking back at our visits to Mumokuteki that would get us a set dinner plate with 3 side dishes, soup, rice and a drink or even a big bowl of ramen and a side at T’s Tan Tan so it really goes to show how much more expensive ‘western’ food is in Japan.

Anyway… their cheese is pretty damn good, the fries could use some more sauce on them but that’s more personal preference as if I’m gonna have sauce i drown whatever i’m eating in it. The burger patty is lovely, it’s not too heavy and processed and you leave feeling full bot not heavy.

Then we made the mistake of having desert… I saw we made the mistake I made the mistake of leaving it up to Leo as we ended up with four desserts between us –

So we both got a portion of the french toast with vegan sour cream, coconut and maple syrup. While it was crunchy on the outside and soft and squidgy in the middle it was pretty heavy after a burger and fries. Personally I wouldn’t of gone for coconut on french toast but damn it was good. The sour cream was a bit too sour so that got left on the side but past that it was really good. Then there was the waffle with chocolate sauce along with a scoop of ice cream. The waffle was alright, it was pretty dry and not the soft and fluffy waffle you expect. Having had many arguments with a waffle machine lately trying to get my recipe right I can sympathise with how hard it is to get them right.

By this point a food coma was setting in so I missed out on a pic of the ice cream and Leo ended up eating it as we walked down the road as we were both about ready to burst.

I’m glad we went as I’ve seen AIN SOPH advertised in a few places but with the overall cost of the meal hitting nearly £50 I won’t be in a rush to return and that’s a hell of a lot of money.


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