Vegan Bánh Mì

Bánh Mì

So what is bánh mì? It’s a Vietnamese sandwich with French elements that were introduced during the colonial period. While you get lots of things in a bánh mì in this one I’ve chosen pate which would of also been introduced by the French along with the baguette it’s going on. The pate I’ve used is the one from last week’s video (if you have any left).

To go with it I’ve added fried tofu instead of the traditional meat. On top of that I’m going back to tradition with some pickled carrot, coriander, lime and cucumber.

Last of all we get to the condiments. It has to have chilli sauce on it and instead of something like mayonnaise or cheese I’ve gone for cashew sauce.

I’ve not included a recipe here as thats the joy of bánh mì, once you’ve got the elements (baguette, pate, meat, pickles, salad and sauce)  you can mix and match it to your own personal taste.


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