Hanoi Bike Shop – Glasgow


Hidden in the west end of Glasgow down a wee alley is The Hanoi Bike Shop. The make everything from scratch, source as much as they can locally and… and this is the big bit, make their own organic tofu every day. How awesome is that.

The restaurant is done up like a bike shop, hence the name, and the rest of the place reminds me a lot of Thailand. OK wrong country as this is Vietnamese but you know what I’m saying. The tables, the chairs, the general set up and the smell of fish sauce just made me feel like I was back in Asia.

Their menu isn’t 100% vegan or vegetarian but they have some really good vegan options and between the four of us we tried quite a bit. To start there were the Sup Lo Ran – Chili and Cauliflower Fritters –


They don’t look like much, their just brown lumps but they taste amazing. Not too hot on the chili side, just enough to balance it all out. The dipping sauce is heavy on the ginger rather than chili as the colour suggests so that adds to these crispy lumps of heaven.

Next up was their tofu Bánh Mì –


It contained pickled veg, soy mayo, crispy BBQ tofu and coriander. The dipping sauce was the same again but no complaints there as this was delicious.

Next up were some noodles. Pho Dau Hu – Spicy tofu noodles soup which isn’t kidding, man it was spicy! but with the addition of a little lemon juice the spice calmed down a bit and between three of us we managed to nearly polish it off. The noodles and tofu at least were gone. Last of all was the Ph Nam – Mushroom noodle soup which is made from three types of mushroom.

If your coming to Glasgow by train like we do it’s a bit of a track outside the city centre to get here but it’s well worth the journey. Given how delicious the dishes we had were I really want to go back and try the rest.


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