T’s Tan Tan – Tokyo

Once you manage to find this gem of a restaurant you’ll be back time and time again… We’ll that’s what we did three days in a row. It’s a total pain to find but trust me it’s well worth it.

T’s Tan Tan is a 100% vegan ramen restaurant hidden in Tokyo station, this means you need to be taking a train to access it or you’ll need to buy a platform ticket. So how do you find it, it’s on 1F on Keiyo Street. Wherever you are in the station head towards  the Keiyo line. You’ll see a big pillar with a sign saying Keiyo Street.  Head down this street till you hit the escalators at the end. On the left you’ll see “Book Express” right opposite slightly back from everything else is T’s Tan Tan.

On our first visit we went straight for the golden sesame ramen. It comes with pickled veg, onion, peanut, salad leaves and all sorts of other goodies in it and the broth is beyond delicious.


You can also get white sesame and black sesame but we never made it to them as this way just too good not to have again and again.

You can add to your ramen with bowls of red, green or white vegetables which are also lightly pickled. You can also make it into a meal with a side of fried soy meat, curry and rice or gyoza.

It’s not an easy choice between here and Mumokuteki but these have got to be the best places we ate while we were in Japan, this is definitely a must though for any vegan visiting Tokyo.


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