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We’re back and we’re mostly over the jetlag. With everything that happened on our return flights it’s been a bit more difficult for us to get back to normal but we’re home, it’s good to be back but I’d much rather still be in Tokyo.

Two weeks ago today we arrived back in Tokyo for our final few days and discovered that Ain Soph Ripple was just at the end of our street. That has got to be the most expensive meal we had in Japan and it was a burger… delicious but would of much rather spent the money in Mumokuteki. Man I really miss that place.

As we were back in Tokyo we also had our balcony to eat breakfast on. We always enjoyed starting the day with miso soup, wasabi nori and tofu. I’ve brought home more of the miso so we can carry on doing that through the cold Scottish winter.

Next up a picture of our third trip to T’s Tan Tan in three days. That golden ramen was just incredible so we couldn’t stop ourselves going back for more. We picked up their cook book so hopefully with some patience and some tasty experimentation we can make our own to tide us over until we go back.

Not long before we left I found a huge bag of kombu seaweed which will mostly be used to make stock for ramen and soups. Since getting it home I found out it contained 6 strips of kobu… That will definitely keep me going till we can get back to Japan.

In an effort to get over the jet lag and any nasties that would of been going round the plane I’ve been trying to get lots of fruit and veg in us since getting home. This means mushrooms and spinach on toast for breakfast and broccoli soup with pumpkin seeds on top. Broccoli soup always makes me feel better.

Since returning though it’s mainly been reminiscing about our time there and longing to return. The dried persimmon in the Kyoto bamboo forest, the dango in Osaka castle gardens… the list goes on. If we could live in Japan I would move there in a heartbeat but until then we’ll just have to visit when we can.

Last but not least i spent yesterday in Dundee at their first vegan festival. Aaron and Mitch at Shire Snax were kind enough to let me haunt them for the day so I made lunch for them in return. I decided to go for Turkish Pied as it’s compact, easy to carry for a lunch and it’s my way of making up for the day in Turkey that never happened.

Want to see a YouTuve video on how to make these? Let me know in the comments below


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