Mumokuteki – Kyoto

Mumokuteki is billed as a ‘mainly vegan restaurant’ the only thing about it that isn’t vegan is the use of fish stock. Even then you can ask for it to be substituted for bullion instead. So everything is vegan if you ask for it. 

Compared to Matsuontoko which is just round the corner this place is in a completely different league. You get much more for your money, better food and the staff couldn’t be lovlier. 

Our first visit was for lunch. We had the weekend set for ¥1300 – 

We’ve got rice, miso glazed potato and pumpkin, crispy lotus root, marinated tomatoes, bullion, tofu with Spring onion and soy sauce, pickles and right in the middle the main dish is tofu and vegetable cakes with tartare, konyakku and tofu sticks with miso sauce and a salad. 

While we waited for this amazing meal we took advantage of the salad bar (and a drink) for an extra ¥300 

Although by the end of this I was stuffed stupid I had to try their chocolate milkshake – 

Back again the next day for dinner and we tried our their soy milk ramen. How they got so much flavour in such a simple looking pale broth I don’t know but I’m going to have to try and make my own when I get home. It was thick, rich, filled with flavour and just incredible – 

For dessert (as I’ve got to try as much as I can before we move on) their rice flour chocolate cake. I wasn’t took keen on the rice flour side as it tends to be really crumbly and dry but this cake was lovely. Light, fluffy and perfect with lots of light chocolate frosting and a chestnut on top – 

For our final day in Kyoto we had to go back one last time so for dinner I had their miso sauce covered soy/konyakku sticks with rice, sweet tomatoes, pickled radish, wasabi cabbage and a mushroom/lotus root stew 

For dessert their strawberry mousse cake which comes with a base of sponge made out of the same rice flour mix and is yet again light, fluffy and delicious 

I really can’t recommend this place enough. You might have to wait a while for a table but there is a reason why it’s so popular!  I’m really going to miss eating here and trying everything they have on their menu but I’m looking forward to getting home so I can try and make my own. 


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