Matsuontoko – Kyoto

On our first night in Kyoto we stumbled on Matsuontoko, a vegan restaurant that offers mainly pizza, pasta and burgers but also offers one or two Japanese dishes. 

We decided to go for their Matsuontoko set for ¥1500 for the dish of the day and a drink and this is what we got – 

It’s soy karaage, rice, salad and purple sweet potato with a side of creamy vegetable soup. It was delicious but it’s not much for dinner or for the price compared to other places in the area. 

While the food was lovely the staff went out of their way to ignore and avoid customers. We wanted to try their desserts but after waiting over 20 minutes and having staff look at us repeatedly but compels toy ignore us we gave up. It was a busy evening though so we put it down to the rush and tried again the next day for their burger lunch for ¥950 – 

The food was again delicious and this was better value for money wise. The burger was the same as the soy karaage just bigger which suited us as we really enjoyed it. It came with vegan mayo, teriyaki sauce, salad and chips. We enjoyed every last bit and were again ready to try a dessert but once again the staff just didn’t want to know. There was only one other person in the restaurant so there wasn’t the excuse that it was busy. 

The quickest we got attention was when they took our money at the end which is such a shame as the food is so good and we would of happily eaten our way through the entire menu. 

After looking at happy cow it seems we’re not the only people who have had this problem, hopefully things change and the service becomes as good as the food. 


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