ATL Organic Vegetarian Cafe

While it says vegetarian everything on the menu is actually vegan. The set lunch we went for is ¥1500 for a starter, main and a drink. For an extra ¥500 you can throw in a dessert too.

Naturally we went for 3 courses and a drink. 

To start the options were a potato and pumpkin soup, a potato quiche or cashew coleslaw salad. I went for the last option as we haven’t been eating as much veg as I would like so a salad seemed like a good option. 

When it arrived I have to admit my thought was ‘is that it?’ But what it lacks in looks it well and truly makes up for in flavour. It was thinly sliced cabbage in a vinegar dressing with cracked black pepper and cashews. Simple but really tasty. 

For main a tomato risotto, a mung bean and spinach coconut curry or a third option that neither of us can remember. We both went for the curry and this is what arrived – 

Again it looks really simple bit tasted amazing. It was full of flavour and we both really enjoyed it. 

Last bit not least dessert. There were lots of choices, all of which sounded amazing however I chose the apple and sweet potato cake. On the side some soy cream and a sprinkling of cinnamon on top. 

We waddled out the place but it was very much worth it as everything was just so good! 

Open 12:00-22:00 Wednesday-Monday. 2-1-24 Shinsaibashi suji, 2F Cho-Ku, Osaka


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