I love Muji but in the UK we have Muji light. It sells some great stuff but nowhere near as much as Muji Japan. Here you can kit out your entire house including the food in the kitchen and everything you need to cook it.

When I checked it out today I was hoping they might possibly have something vegan. The one and only thing I found was this –

There is also a vegetable curry and a dal which would normally be safe but unfortunately they both contain milk and chicken. Yes. Chicken in a vegetable curry.

The great thing about their packaging is that it’s super clear what’s in it.

This is from the vegetable curry. It clearly shows it contains milk, wheat, chicken and apple. How awesome is that? (The labeling not the chicken in the curry)

It’s a shame there weren’t more vegan options available in this store. This is the first Muji we’ve visited so fingers crossed there is more out there!


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