Turkish Airlines

For our trip to Japan we’ve flown with Turkish Airlines. They offer an extensive list of meals to choose from when you book your flights including raw, fruit only or as we went for strict vegetarian (aka vegan). 

In flight food makes me feel ill just at the slightes whiff, I don’t know why. While this was no different the food was actually pretty good. 

Edinburgh > Istanbul 

We got two bread rolls, one stuffed with mushrooms and the other stuffed with spinach. On the side roasted pepper, tomato and button mushrooms. 

Alongside the main dish we got fresh kiwi, melon, grapefruit, orange, blueberry and dried apricots, rasins and fig. 

Istanbul > Tokyo

This is where things got a little weird. We boarded the plane at 1am Turkish time/7am Japan time so within an hour of being in the air we were given dinner. This time it was really over cooked rice with spinach and onion. On the side a bread roll and a salad. Dessert was the same fresh fruit bowl as before. 

While the rice was left as it was just mush the spinach, salad and bread roll made a pretty good sandwich. 

Fast forward 8 ish hours, the lights have been out on the flight the whole time and everyone is waking up. It’s an hour and a half till we land in Tokyo and the local time is 5pm. Time for another dinner and a slightly messed up body clock. 

Dinner 2 is hummus, a bread roll which was pretty stale by this point, more over cooked rice and some vegetables stewed in tomato. For dessert we have a rice flour doughnut soaked in syrup. The whole lot was pretty horrible I’m sad to say. While airplane food doesn’t agree with me I hate to see food go to waste and most of this did. The hummus wasn’t very nice, the vegetables were cooked to death so we’re just as mushy as the rice. The doughnut thing was the last straw for my stomach as one bite and I felt sick for the rest of the flight. 

The first meal had so much promise but it just went downhill from there. The lady next to me had the standard meals of the day and it didn’t look much better so this wasn’t just the vegan meal that wasn’t great. 

Airplane food is a difficult one especially when it comes to long haul flights so I appreciate the effort that has been put into our meals as they have clearly tried, hell we’ve been to restaurants that have put in less effort to a vegan meal so it could of been a lot worse. 

I’m kinda looking forward to seeing what we get on the way back.


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