Tofu Scramble

I’m going back to basics with this simple breakfast staple of tofu scramble. Once you perfect it to your taste the possibilities are endless.

Ingredients –
½ pack of silken tofu*
1 tsp of soy sauce
½ tsp of tumeric
½ tsp of black salt**

Method –
1. Heat your pan and add in the tofu, begin to break it up with your spatula.
2. Add in your seasoning and heat through.
3. Yes it’s really that simple, but thats what makes it such a great base for additions like pesto, spinach, sweet chilli, mustard… the list really does go on and on.

* I use silken for creamy scramble… I always liked my scramble on the sloppy side. You can also use firm tofu if you prefer a dry scramble.

**What is black salt? It’s also known as Kala namak and is a type of rock salt. It’s slaty (duh) but also sulphurous so it has an eggy smell and taste to it which transforms your plain tofu into eggy scramble. I get my black salt from my local middle eastern supermarket for about 50p a bag.


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