What I eat in a day -Saturday

I’m working again today but it’s on a schedule I find easier to work around. This makes it a lot easier for me to eat better than I have on other days. 

10:00 Breakfast 

2 cups of tea with soy and one and a bit sugars. I’m trying to cut down on the sugar but it’s just not the same. 

12:30 Lunch 

It’s a mix between shashuka and Quimbombo. It started off as shashuka with tomatoes, onions, some paprika soy chunks instead of chorizo and tofu instead of eggs. We’ve got some peppera to use up so they went in, it needed more of a kick so queue some chili. It was all very… Red so I threw in some okra for colour and to thicken the sauce. 

This is how I work with cooking a lot. I just keep throwing things in the pan.

19:00 Dinner 

In at work so it’s the same baguette as always with pate from Holland and Barrett and some leftover beetroot. 

For dessert a shire snax millionaires shortbread and half a punnet of grapes. 

I much prefer this time scale for my day food wise. It means I eat at sensible times and I can cook properly rather than having lazy food that’s bad for me. 

Tomorrow I’m having lunch with friend and have the whole day to cook whatever I like. I’m looking forward to much much more veg! 


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