What I eat in a day – Thursday 

10:30 Breakfast 

I’m working again today so I try to have my breakfast/brunch as late as possible because I won’t have chance to eat again till at least 2. 

This morning is pretty much the same as last night. A wholemeal wrap with onion sauce, Spring greens, curry tofu scramble, tomatoes, hot sauce and Bombay mix for some crunch. 

I’m stuffed after this so will be ok for food for quite a while. 

Before I start at 11:30 I’ll also have a big glass of orange juice (not from concentrait). 

16:00 lunch 

More pumpkin hummus but this time with spinach and beetroot. For dessert a shire snax shortbread 

20:00 Dinner

I’m determined to make up for the lack of veggies recently so we’re having noodle soup with carrot, courgette, onion, spinach, baby corn and tofu. 

I’m pretty stuffed after all that soup so that will be me for the day. 


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