What I eat in a day – Wednesday 

09:00 Breakfast 

It’s an earlier start today as I’ve got work and Leo is getting tattooed. Alongside a busy day ahead it’s getting cold out so I’m starting the day with a small bowl of porridge made with soy milk and water topped with brown sugar and chestnut purée. 

13:20 Snack?

It’s a cup of tea and a taste of some waffle batter that just won’t bloody work. 

15:00 Lunch 

Things have gotten away with me so lunch is a late one. It’s a hot baguette with pumpkin hummus and some gherkins. To finish one of Shire Snax millionaires shortbreads. Still a massive lack of fruit and veg so far today but I’m my defence the shops I went into on the way to work had horrible fruit 😦 

20:00 Dinner 

As I’ve been at work dinner gets pushed really late. To try and make up for the lack of veg we’re having a mish mash dinner of flat bread topped with peppers, Spring greens, courgette, tofu scramble, corriander, onion sauce, lupin beans and a chipotle and guava hot sauce. 


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