What I eat in a day – Tuesday

10:20 Breakfast

I’ve been fiending on a hot do since my veganaversairy nearly a month ago but for one reason or another it’s just never happened. Today is that day… Hopefully.

As we’re going out for lunch breakfast is just a cup of tea with soy milk and two.

13:00 Lunch

HOT DOG!!!! With sweet potato fries. Not all of them tho I split them with Leo. On the side a bottle of coke.

18:00 Dinner

I’ve been working my way through a pumpkin for YouTube so tonight it was pumpkin and spinach canaloni with a garlic flat bread. I was too busy trying to get it all filmed before it got dark I didn’t get a pic for here 😦 keep an eye out on YouTube tho and you’ll see it there.

For dessert another cup of tea and more of those chocolates from yesterday.

I’ve ate less today but it’s again not been that great on the fruit and veg front. Tomorrow I’m working so I’m going to stock up on fruit before I start.


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