What I eat in a day

Recently a friend mentioned that she wanted to clean up her eating habits and was going to try a week of eating like Lisa (vegan nomad chick) and me. But how exactly do I eat? 

Like everyone I post the interesting bits on Instagram but that doesn’t show what I eat on a day to day basis, it doesn’t show the crap meals of tinned spaghetti and a garlic baguette for dippin’ or the gelato I polish off as there’s only a little bit left in the bucket. I also post YouTube videos of what I cook but again I don’t eat like that every day. They are recipes designed to show people how easy it is to cook and to encourage people to cook more at home rather than eating out or relying on processed foods. 

My diet isn’t the best, right now it’s all over the place as life is a bit up in the air in general right now so rather than doing just one day I’ll do a whole week of these. That will give a more accurate representation of what my diet actually looks like. 


10:30. Brunch. 

I’m not a breakfast person so I tend to hold off for a larger late breakfast/early lunch and then have something light in the middle of the day. Today’s brunch is an Indian twist on a classing brunch dish. 

It’s a menthi Thepla (spiced Gujarati flat bread) topped with garlic spring greens, tofu scramble, curry cream sauce, spring onion, coriander, tomato and cucumber. On the side? A cup of tea with soy milk and two brown sugars. 

13:30 Snacks

Now is the time I start to pick at things. It started as a slice of lemon drizzle cake and a cup of tea 

Then while I was editing a video I moved into some pretzels and leftover curry sauce 

Then once they had been demolished a glass of carrot and orange juice. This was to try and counteract the lack of fruit and veg in my day so far 

Then… Back to being less healthy and having some chocolate with Leo. We didn’t eat the whole top layer, we had 3 each which is better than normal. Given the chance we can polish off a box between us easily.

16:00 Hydration 

So… It’s 4pm and I haven’t drunk any water yet. I’m terrible at drinking enough so I’ve got a pint of water on the go now with another to chase it. 

19:00 Dinner

We’re having dinner at Leo’s parents tonight and Maggie has made my mushroom bourguignon. This was the first recipe I posted for Vegan Newbs many moons ago. It’s got mushrooms, carrots and chestnuts in a red wine and thyme sauce. I’m going to need to make this into a video, it’s too good not to share again. 

For dessert we had raspberries, blueberries and alpro custard. So while I haven’t had as much fruit and veg as I would of liked today this has bumped things up a bit. 

Well there it is… It’s not the best by its also not the worst. Let’s see how tomorrow goes! 


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