This week on Instagram 

This last two weeks have been busy, it feels like my feet have barely touched the floor. In the calm between busy days though we took advantage of the beautiful weather and took a book and afternoon snack to our local park. The views over Edinburgh still take my breath away. 

In other news our wee cat Jiji is now a year old! When we got him he weighed a tiny 500g now he’s 4lb and an actual cat! When did that happen? 

On the food side of things I had a clear out of the freezer and made some apricot, plum, peach, tamarind and chill chutney. It went down well with some home made samosa! We also cleared out the fridge which means bánh mi! A how to video for this is coming up in November so keep an eye out.

November is a long time away I hear you say, well there is a reason for that. It’s pumpkin season! Every year they come in the shops to be made into lanterns then go in the bin. No! Eat them! They are delicious and pumpkin is one of my favourite vegetables. This is why October will be pumpkin month on my YouTube channel. Everything else will have to wait while I cook as many pumpkin dishes as I can before these beauties are gone from the shops again. 


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